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The Only Thing I Remember is

After 4 years, 60 Subjects, 20 Seminars,
100 Vivas, 2 Projects, 50 Assignments &
2000 lectures.
The Only Thing I Remember is “MY Roll Number”.

Khuda ne di zindgai

Khuda ne di zindgai
Abbu-Ammi ne diya Pyar
Lekin ilm aur pardhai k liye
Ae Maullim hum hain terey shukarguzar!

Engineering student

Engineering student to a girl-
Student : Mere pass intelligence hai,
sense of humour hai tumhaare pass kya hai??
Girl : I am hot
Student : le toh phir yeh cigarette hi
jala de is gareeb ki…..

The most awesome engineers.. Engineering English SMS

The most awesome engineers
are those who are back benchers
but don’t have any back.

Ek bar engineering ke.. Hindi Engineering Student SMS

Ek bar engineering ke sabhi Professores ko
ek plane mein bithaya gaya..

Fir announce kiya gaya ki

Sab profesrs utar gaye…
Par principal baithe rahe

Logo ne pucha: Aapko Darr nahi lagta?

Principle: Muje apne studnts par pura bharosa hai.

Ye start hi nahi hoga


4 Years,

40 Subjects,
400 Experiments,
4000 Assignments,
0000 hours,
A normal human being CANNOT do it.
Those super heroes are called ‘ENGINEERING STUDENTS’
Happy Engineers Day

Among my 4 sons 3 are engineer.,.,

Man: Among my 4 sons 3 are engineer.
Friend: 4th?
Man: He didn’t study & became a barber.
Friend: Why don’t you throw him out?
Man: He is the only 1 who earns.

An engineering student.,.,

An engineering student
to his sweeper brother:
I have got degree, I
have got knowledge,
I can sit in society.
What do you have?
Sweeper: I have the job.