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Beautiful Couple in the world

This Message is for the most
Beautiful Couple in the world,
May your Marriage be Blessed
With Love, Happiness & Joy For
All the Years You Lives!!
Happy Anniversary

No greetings cards to give

No greetings cards to give,
No Beautiful Flowers to send,
No cute pictures to forward,
Just a lovely Heart saying,
Happy Wedding Anniversary

Anniversaries are days to celebrate

Anniversaries are days to celebrate
The love that makes your marriage great.
Wishing you still more dreams come true,
More joy, more love for both of you.
Happy Anniversary!

Her Subah Tere Muskurati

Her Subah Tere Muskurati Rahy
Her Sham Tere Gungunati Rahy
Mere Dua Hai K Tu Jis Sy Bhi Mily
Her Milny Waly Ko Tere Yaad Aati Rahy
Happy Wedding Anniversary

Other Couples Should Learn

Other Couples Should Learn
A Thing or Two, About How
To Be A Couple From Me and You.
Happy Anniversary

You make me the happiest man

You make me the happiest man in the world.
You are my anniversary gift, and I do not
need anything else from you.
Happy Anniversary Sweetie

All the stars, moon, sun and

All the stars, moon, sun and
Each and every beautiful thing of
Nature remind me of our relationship
Our love, Our romance, Our chemistry
Each and every moment spent with you
is like a celebration.
Happy Anniversary & love you

N0 one can ever replace you

N0 one can ever replace you
From the morning I wake up
Til I lay my head beside y0u
The comfort and l0ve that
I feel when I am with y0u
Those are irreplaceable
I Love You
Happy Anniversary!

This day reminds me

This day reminds me
that God really loves me
For He gave the
most wonderful person
and chose her to
be my lifetime partner
I will always be grateful
Happy Anniversary

My Lovely Mom and Dad

My Lovely Mom and Dad!
Thank you for raising us properly
and bringing out the best in us.
you are our inspiration,
We love you.
Happy Anniversary

Because of you both

Because of you both, the world
Knows truth and love exist. Keep
these beliefs alive, and cherish
one another.
Happy Anniversary

Loving me in a very special

Loving me in a very special way
Supporting me all the way
you will always be my prince
charming and I wish to have a
happy a ending.
Happy Wedding Anniversary.

Kisses, by the ton dates

Kisses, by the ton dates,
that are a lot of fun
Cute wishpers, soft and mystic
Cuddles, oh so romantic
All this, you are going to get
Until you forgive and forgot
Happy Belated Anniversary

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