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When I m Sad.,.,

(“,) Music Lover (“,)

When I m Sad
I Shove In My
Just Ignore The
Damn World . . . 😉

waridMost reLatiOnshipS faiL nOt.,.,

waridMost reLatiOnshipS faiL nOt bcuz of
Absence oF lUv..

Luv is alwaYs preSent… iTs jusT dat..
One lUvz toO muCh nd the Other Luvz
…tOo maNy..;]

Teri Yaad Se Jura Aansoo.,.,

Judai Ki Kasak Liye

Teri Yaad Se Jura Aansoo

Har Shab Meri Aankh Se Tapka Hy

Guzry Kal Ki Terha

Aaj Ka Din Bhi

Tum Bin

Udaas Guzra Hy … !!!

I Dont Expect You To.,.,

Break My Heart
Destroy My Soul
Leave Me Crying
Id Still
Love You
I Dont Expect You To
Love Me In Return …

We were Very Good Friends.,.,

We used to be able to talk about everything,

We were Very Good Friends,

but now its impossible to even start a decent conversation with you.

You cant deny it,

Weve grown apart, n I have to face the fact that

you will no longer be there every single time I need you!!!

When You Need Love.,.,

Life is Unpredictable:

When You have Standards, People Call it Attitude.

When You Are Simple, People Try To Cheat You.


When You Need Love,

Its The Best Time For Them To Play.. !

Hearts Change, I Know they Do.,.,

Hearts Change, I Know they Do…
But this Heart will Always belong to You…

Hearts hurt, I Know they Do…
But this Heart Hurts More Without You.. !

When your Time is Good.,.,

When your Time is Good;
Ur Mistakes are Taken as a Joke..!

But When your Time is Bad,
Even Ur Jokes
are Noticed as Mistakes..! =(

Why is it easy to fall in love and.,.,

Why is it easy to fall in love and
yet so hard to be loved back?
why should I feel such if destiny
permits me not?
why do I have to fall if its you I cant have?
…why is there a “you” in “me”
but never a “me” in “you”?

Sad about love.,.,

Sad about love:
Its when you know that theres no hope
for you being together yet
you still pray to make it work.

People say They Love Rain but.,.,

People say They Love Rain but
When It Rain,
They use an Umbrella.

People say They Love the Sun but
When It Shines,
They Search for Shades.

People say They Love the Wind but
When It Blows,
They Close their Windows.

Thats Why I Just Smile when
People Say:
“They Love Me..♥

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