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1. Money is not everything
There are credit cards too.
2. Love animals
They are tasty.
3. Save water
Drink juices.
4. Study is healthy
Leave it for sick.
5. Books are holy
Dont touch them.
6. No noise in class
You disturb those asleep.
7. Must get married
Happiness is not the only aim of life.

Bridge of success…

People will always throw stones in your path !
It dpends on u !
what do u make from it:
A “Wall” of difficulties.
A “Bridge of success”.

Who Deserve Me…

“I May Never Prove To Be Good Enough For Every One….!
I’M The Best For Them Who Deserve Me…..!”

The four hardest tasks….

The four hardest tasks on earth are
neither physical nor intellectual ,
but they are spiritual ones:
1- To return love for hate.
2- To include the excluded.
3- To forgive without apology.
4- To be able to say,
” I was wrong.”

Never hate people…

” Never hate people who r jealous of u,
instead grtful to them bcoz,
0nly they r the ones who think
u are better than them”

Do’nt misunderstand the person…

Do’nt misunderstand the person who shows “ANGER” on you,
Anger is the most easiest & Childish way to express the ” Deep Love”

People say Maths is boring..!!

Maths tells us three of the saddest love stories 🙁
¤Tangent lines who had one chance to meet and then parted forever.
¤Parallel lines who were never meant to meet.
¤And asymptotes who can get closer and closer but will never be together.
And people say Maths is boring..!! 🙂

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