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Majbur Mohabbat jataa na Saky

Majbur Mohabbat jataa na Saky
Jakham Khate rahe kesi ko Batana na Saky..
Chahaton ki Had tak Chaha Usy..
Sirf Apna Dil Nikal Kr Usy Dikha na Saky.

You’ll just never 9

You’ll just never 9
so many Emotions
I choose not 2 show.

Waqt ki yaari to sab

Waqt ki yaari to sab hi karty hain.
Maza to tb hay waqt badal jaye.
par yaar na badlay..!!!

you feel special yesterday

It hurts the most when the person that
made you feel special yesterday can make
you feel unwanted today.

Pyar Ki Vo Mishal Banenge Hum

Pyar Ki Vo Mishal Banenge Hum
Khud Se Bhi Jyada Pyar Karenge Hum
Yaade Itni Bhar Denge Aapke Dil Me Ki
Khud Se Pahele Yaad Aayenge Hum

Don’t loose your best well wisher

Loving yourself is Common
But, Caring for Someone can be Magnanimous
B-Coz, you might not remember a small act of caring
But,It might be the brightest moment in someone′s life.

Emotional Poetry

Agar Itni Nafrat Hai Ham Se To
Ek Sachy Dil Se Aisi Dua Kar Do,
K Tumhari Dua Bhi Poori Ho Jae
Or Hamari Zindagi Bhi.

Emotional English SMS

Those who are ‘special’ never go away…
They walk beside us ‘everyday’…
Unseen, Unheard, still near,
Still special, still Missed
And still very Dear

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