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Don’t quit

Don’t quit….
Sometimes the things
you are hoping for,
come at unexpected times

Never Stop Believing

Never Stop Believing in Hope Because Miracles Happen

I gave up

I don’n know how my story
Will end,but nowhere in my
text will it ever read…
“I gave up.”

When I am single

When I am single,
All I see are couples being happy.
When I am dating someone, all I see
are singles being happy.

English SMS

Pain Makes you Stronger.
Tears Makes you braver.
Heartbreak Makes you wiser.
So Thank The past for a
better future.

it’s Painful

Missing a person who isn’t
Alive , , , is normal . .
Missing a person who is far away
from u , , , is
normal . . . . .
Missing a person whom u see
everyday And can’t talk with that
person isn’t
normal , , ,
it’s Painful

True Love

True love is
when a BOy ask
girl for a kiss
Girl simply close her eyes and
allow the boy
for a kiss…
the boy kisses
on the forehead and says I have
a whole life to Do that..


“Easy To loose Someone
By Saing a Lia”
Difficult to Get Back that
Person By Saying Truth..”

Be Truthful…
Live Beautifull…

Beautiful Good Morning Quote in English

For many, it’s the start of a brand
new week of work or school. You might
look forward to it or you may not.
Either way, remember that this moment,
today, is a blessing. There is beauty
in life & in you.

Happy Life

Life is Too Short to be anything

Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship is
one of the best relationships.
It’s really sweet to see two patient
hearts that are willing to wait
because they think that everything is
worth it anyway.
Yes it’s hard not being together
you cannot hold each other’s hand,
you cannot kiss and hug each other,
but still, you know that one day you
will. . .!!!

A Relationship

A Relationship with no
trust is likh a cell phone
with no service,
All you can do is Play game.

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