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Follow the rhythm of

Follow the rhythm of your heart,
Heart takes you to the destination,
Where your goodness dwells
Have a nice Evening

Your smile is important

Your smile is important to
make your day success,
Smile and work, success is
Good Evening

Gøød Evening Frïênds

?».•´¯`•.«?».• ´¯`•.«?»
..{} * {} ..
……..: * {} * {} * :……..
Gøød Evening Frïênds
«?».•´¯`•.«?».• ´¯`•.«?»
..{} * {} ..
……..: * {} * {} * :……..
Sweet Frïênds

Evening SMS

Smile is a language of love

Smile is to win the hearts

Smile improves your personality

SO SMILE always.

Good Evening….

Its human tendency to run

Its human tendency to run behind people whom we love
neglect the ones who love us bcoz
We r sure we’ll never loss them ….
strange bt very true…
Good evening

Cute and true lines –

Cute and true lines –
Never choose a dearone without understanding
never loose a dearone because of misunderstanding…
Good evening

Worries are like Moon.

Worries are like Moon.
one day will increase,
one day will decrease,
other day may not be seen.
So Don’t Worry for Anything. Always Be cool.
Good evening …:-)

We may easily forget d people wid

We may easily forget d people wid whom v laughed n enjoyed.
But, we cant 4get those people wit whom
v cried n shared our feelings.its true.
Gud evening…

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