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I Love My Dear Friends

We met, it was Luck.
We talked, it was Chance.
We became frnds, it was Destiny
We r still frnds, it is Faith.
We will always be frnds, it’s a PROMISE!
I Love My Dear Friends

Ek Shxkhs Ne Khubsurat

Ek Shxkhs Ne Khubsurat Mehal Ki
Taraf Dekhte Huwex Apne Dost Se Kaha,
“Ke Jab In Logon Ki Qismat Me
Daulat Ki Taqseem Likkhi Ja Rahi Thi,
To Hum Kahan The,?
Dusra Dost Use Pakad Kr Hospital Le Gaya,
Aur Bimaaron Ki Taraf Ishara Karte Huwe Kaha,
“Ke Jab In Logo Ki Qismat Me Musibat Aur
Bimari Likkhi Ja Rahi Thi, To Us Waqt Hum Kahan The?

Friends do not value

True friends do not value for
what you can do for them.
They simply value you.

Blessed are the friends

Blessed are the friends
Who support us and comfort us
in the storms of life and gladden
our days.
Have a Good Day

A friend is someone

A friend is someone you call when you
need bail money. but your best friend
is sitting right there beside you saying
“The party’s not over until the mugshots
are taken.”

Ever together

Far away but always near,
I hold your relationship very clear..
Ever together but never apart..
You’ll always be in my heart as my Fiend.

The memories of our

No matter where life takes us
No matter how far we are from each other
The memories of our Friendship
Will remain in my heart forever.
Happy Birthday to You Dear

I liked lots of people

I liked lots of people and missed very few,
But no one has been as special as you!
I’d stand and wait in the world’s longest que,
Just for pleasure of being with you!

Took you as a friend

I met you as a stranger,
Took you as a friend,
I hope we meet in Heaven
where Friendship never ends.

Funny Friendship Message

Sabzi Tere Ho Mandi Mere Ho
Wa Wa
C.N.G Tere Ho Gari Mere Ho
Wa Wa
Hum Dono Ki Dosti Itni Gehri Ho
Mangetar Tere Ho or Shadi Meri Ho
Ab Bol Wa Wa 🙂

Friendship Hindi Text

Khuda na kre k ap udaas ho,
Bus khushiyan hi ap k aas pas ho,
Khuda ap ko wo sub kuch de de jise pane ki
Ap ki dil me bachpan sy aas ho.

I always think you’ll leave

Now that I have you
I have nothing to fear
But I always think you’ll leave
So I’ll try to keep you near
I love you My Friend

We share our pain

We are two of kind,
We do silly things,
Which only you and I know what they mean!
We share our pain,
We laugh together,
And When the going gets tough,
We’re there for each other!!

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