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Your level of Iman

Your level of Iman
can be measured in
the consistency of
your good deeds.

Be scared of the silence of someone

Be scared of the silence of someone you’ve hurt.
Because if he/she did not say or do anything in return,
Allah will!

Judging Islam on the

Judging Islam on the
Basis of a few Muslim
is like eating a rotten
fruit and blaming the whole

Curious is the case of human

Curious is the case of human,
He runs towards the world he can never catch,
and runs away from the death he can never escape.

The best in you

Soul-mates are people who bring out
the best in you. They are not perfect
but are always perfect for you.

4 things in islam

Hazrat Ibn-e-Abas sy rawayat hai
Rasool Allah (P.B.U.H) Ny fermaya:
Jisy 4 Cheezy Dy di gaein to usy dunya or aakhirat
ki tamam bhalaeyan dy di gaein:
1- Shuker guzar dil
2- Zikar krny wali zuban
3- Azmaish per saber krny wala jism
4- or aysi biwi jo apny nafs or shohar k mal mein khayanat na kry.

Religion and our emotionals

“Religion is never more tested than when our emotions are ablaze.
At such a time, the timeless grandeur of the Law and its ethics
stand at our mercy.”

Welcome to new islamic Year…..!

. .JaÅ RahÅ Hai Ye Saal B Yad0n Ka Nzrana De Kr. . .


*. . .ÅAgr Ho Gai Ho Hum Se Koi KhatÅ To MuÅf Kr Dijiye GÅ…???

Welcome to new islamic Year…..!

shortest distance between problem

The shortest distance between problem and its
solution is distance between Knees and Floor.
One who kneels down to Allah can stand up to anything.
so what’s the point of hopelessness when Allah is there.

Always put God in the

Always put God in the driver’s seat of
your life because anything under his
control will never be out of control!

The more we are conscious

The more we are conscious
of Allah’s gifts to us,.
the more we are able to
increase our love for Him,. and
recognize how blessed we are.

Islamic English SMS If you’re always

If you’re always waiting
for people to thank you,
then you’ll never be happy –
as most people don’t
express their gratitude.
Your happiness should depend
on whether Allah
is pleased with you,
rather than His creation.

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