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May you never have a reason

May you never have a reason
To stay apart
May you always be glad
For marrying your sweetheart.
Happy Marriage

A romantic journey begins with

A romantic journey begins with marriage.
Congratulations to marriage and best
wishes always.

Ladies if he’s really interested

Ladies if he’s really interested he will pursue, court,
Put a ring on it, then marry you. God fearing man ain’t
go time for games.

Funny Marriage sms

Psychiatrists say girls tend to marry men like their fathers.
That’s probably the reason mothers cry the most at weddings!

Funny Student SMS on Marriage

Miss: Tum Bary Ho Kr Keya Kro Gy?
Bacha: Nikah.
Miss: Mera Matlab Hai Keya Bano Gy?
Bacha: Dulha.
Miss: Mera Matlab Bary Ho K Keya
Hasil Kro Gy?
Bacha: Dulhan.
Miss: Batamez Bary Ho Kr Ami Abu K
Leay Keya Kro Gy?
Bacha: Bahu Laon Ga. 😀
Miss: Bawaqof Tumhare Papa Tum Sy
Keya Chahty Hain?
Bacha: Pota 😀
Miss: Aby Kameny Teri Zindage Ka Keya
Maqsad Hai?
Bacha: Shadi. HaHahaha 😀

Shadi Fun

Sirf Shadi He Aisa Zakham Hai,,,
Jis Mey Haldi Pehle Lagai Jati Hai.

Funny Marriage SMS in Urdu..!

“1 shaks shadi k leay marriage bureau gaya
Office band tha
Or bahar Door per Notice laga howa tha
1 baje se ly k 3 baje tk office band rahe

You can marry a woman for.. Marry with Girls SMS

You can marry a woman for his wealth but money will perish.
You can marry a woman for his beauty but beauty will fade away .
You can marry a woman for his power but power will be gone.
But if you marry a pious righteous woman who fears Allah
she will honor you, will be affectionate with you and help
you to get closer to your ALLAH

Your love story will last forever.It will begin in this
life and will continue in the hereafter In’sha’Allah her
love for you will be your Jannah in Dunya and her satisfaction
will be your key to Jannah in Akhirah