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ooy baaz aa ja

ooy baaz aa ja

Tumhari to Eid Guzri hy,
Hum pe Na-janay kya guzri hy.

Tujhy Chorr Doon,

Tujhy Chorr Doon,
Tujhy BhooL Jaon,
Kesy Batain Karte Ho?

Soorat To Phir Soorat Hai Mujhe To Tery Naam K Loog Bhi Ache Lagte Hain..!

I thought I could handle

I thought I could handle the pain
from being apart from you, but I
I miss you so much

Please come back

My eyes await your return.
Please come back soon!
I Really Miss You

I Love U Dil Sy

I c u – Ankhon Sy
I feel u – Sanson Sy
I remember u – Chahat Sy
I love u – Jaan Sy
I miss u – Dil Sy!

Still cross your mind

It’s crazy how you can go month or year
without talking to someone but they still
cross your mind every day.

I wanna write

I wanna write
I missing you
on a rock and throw at
you face so you know how
much it hurts to miss you.

Mujh se har sham

Muje bhi sikha Do na ya bhool Jane ka hunar,
K Mujh se har sham roya nahi jata ab. I Miss You

Missing You

Thinking of you is easy.
I do it every day.
Missing you is the heartache
that never goes away.

My hand Need You

My eyes Miss You,
My feeling Love You,
My hand Need You,
My mind Call You,
My heart just for you,
I will Die without You,
Because I Miss you.

Mere yad Ay to


Yeh Mera Helicoptar Hai,
Jab Meri Yaad Aaye Toh Iss Mein Beth Kar Aa Jaana. 🙂
Special Banwaya Hai Apke Liye!!

always you

The Answer
I would always give if somebody asked me
What i was thinking of. “YOU”
I miss you alot

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