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When someone is rude

When someone is rude, Keep a smile on your face.
When you stay on the high road & keep your joy,
you take away their power.

Selfish acts burden

Selfish acts burden and cloud the soul.
Selfless service enlivens and illuminates the soul.
Whenever I get the opportunity I will serve selflessly.

How Dogs and Women are alike?

How Dogs and Women are alike?
Neither believe that silence is golden,
Neither can balance a checkbook &
Both put too much value on kissing.

Roses are red Watches are gold

Roses are red Watches are gold
Get on your knees and do what your told

Roses are red, Violets are black
Why is your chest as flat as your back

Roses are Red Violets are Blue
the Monkey like you should be kept on the zoo

roses are red, violets are blue
i cough a lot, because i have flu 🙁

roses are red violet are blue
my heart is lonely with out you

Roses are red, Violets are blue
i Am at work, With nothing to do. 🙂

Roses are redViolets are blue
You are my best friend I’m glad I met you

Raha Na Dil Mein.,.,

Raha Na Dil Mein
Wo Bedard Aur Dard

Muqeem Kon Hua
Muqeem Kis Ka Tha….

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