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Have A Nice Sunday!

Make A Decision To Enjoy This Sunday
No Matter What Comes Your Way.
Embrace This Day With Gladness
Even If Your Blue Skies Turn Grey.
Enjoy Life’s Little Blessings And
Be Thankful For Another Day.
Have A Nice Sunday!

Believe that tomorrow

Believe that tomorrow
will be better than today.
Happy Sunday Morning

Sometimes its very hard

Sometimes its very hard to move on,
But once you move on, You will realize
it was the best decision.
Happy Sunday

Make the most of this day

Make the most of this day
Laugh, Love, Read Live, Love,
Learn play dream just be happy.
Happy Sunday

Sunday good morning

Life is a Sunday. There are bad days ahead and
behind, but it’s all OK if you live for today.

Sunday Morning

it’s a Beautiful Sunday morning
A Great apprtunity thank
the lord for reminding us of
How blessed
we are Happy sunday Morning

Sunday morning.

I think it’s been hard for people to understand
how Islam can be a good religion,
and yet the Islamists are evil.
Those of us who have had experience with Islam
understand this,
just as we understand the difference between snake
handlers and people going to church on
Sunday morning.

Happy Sunday Naughty SMS in Hindi..!

Modern Heer – Mein tumhare ishq me barbaad ho gai,
lut gayi, meri duniya rushwa ho gayi…
Modern Ranjha – To karmjali, mein kaun sa bank
managar ban gaya

Happy Sunday Funny SMS in Hindi..!

Line marne ke bahut se tarike hai jin
me se 3 mazedar ye hain
1. Pencil se

2. Pen se

3. Marker se

Kabhi to sidha socha kar
Happy Sunday

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