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If you need me, call me.

If you need me, call me.
I don’t care if I’m
having my own problems,
angry with you,
I will be there 4 U.

Best Moment in Life – Sweetest SMS

-Giving the first Salary to your Parents.
-Thinking about your love with tears.
-Looking at old photos and smiling.
-A sweet and emotional chat with friends.
-Holding hands of your loved ones for a walk.
-Getting a hugs from one who cares for you.
-First kiss to your child when he/she is born.
-The moment when your eyes are filled with tears
after a big laugh.


When I Count My Blessings,
I Count Her Twice.!

It is so cute

It is so cute
When I see old people
Still totally in love.

Distance never Kills a Relation

Distance never Kills a Relation.
Closeness Never Builds a Relation.
It’s the Care of Someone’s Feelings which
Builds Faith & Maintains Relation.
Beautiful Morning.

No one as sweet as you

I liked many but loved very few,
Yet no one as sweet as you.
I’d wait in the longest queue,
Just to spend a few moments with you!

Stay Sweet like candy

Don’t expect someone to stay sweet forever because
Even the sweetest candy has an expiration date.

Hug are always sweet

Hug are always sweet, but
they are the sweetest and the warmest
when from you.

sweet saying

forever is long time. But I would not mind spending it by our side.

Riste Hamesha

Riste Hamesha
“Titli” Jaise Hote hai..
Zor se Pakro to mar jate hai..
Chor do to ur jate hai..
Aur ager Pyar sy pakro to,
Apna Rang Chor jate hai..

Aur kya is se ziada koi

‘Aur kya is se ziada koi narmi
bartoon! .
Dil k zakhmon ko chua hai
tere gaalon ki tarah. !’

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